About Caleb

Caleb Mickelson is an accomplished REALTOR® with a passion for excellence and a proven track record of success. With eight years of experience in the real estate industry, Caleb has established himself as a trusted and reliable professional in the field. His dedication to providing exceptional service to his clients has earned him a reputation as a top sales agent.

In 2022, Caleb's outstanding performance and unwavering commitment to his clients led him to become the top sales agent at his Brokerage, and he received the 2022 MLS Silver Award. Furthermore, Caleb is a 3 time MLS Bronze Award winning REALTOR® and a Top Rated Agent on Rate-My-Agent.com. His deep knowledge of the market, combined with his excellent negotiation skills, allows him to deliver optimal results for both buyers and sellers.

Caleb with his wife and two daughters standing in front of their Christmas treeBeyond his professional achievements, Caleb is a devoted family man. He cherishes his role as a father to two young daughters and actively engages in their lives. Their shared love for games and roughhousing brings joy and laughter to their household.

Sports play a significant role in Caleb's life, and he particularly enjoys playing hockey, golf, and tennis. These activities not only keep him physically fit but also instill in him the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Caleb's intellectual curiosity extends beyond his real estate expertise. He has a keen interest in economics and finds great pleasure in reading books on the subject. Engaging in conversations about politics with friends over drinks and dinner is another way he broadens his knowledge and stays informed about current affairs.

As a testament to his dedication to personal growth and cultural enrichment, Caleb has developed proficiency in the Spanish language. Moreover, with his daughters enrolled in a French immersion program, he is actively learning French to better connect with their educational journey.

Caleb Mickelson's multifaceted background, combined with his professionalism, enthusiasm, and commitment, make him an exceptional realtor who consistently goes above and beyond to exceed his clients' expectations. Whether you're buying or selling a property, Caleb's expertise, integrity, and genuine care for his clients make him the ideal partner for all your real estate needs.

Awards & Recognition

MLS Silver Award 2023 MLS Silver Award 2022 Top Rated Real Estate Agent

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